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Medium Tan  Backpack  155.00

AR500 Armor Info

10x12 Curved AR 500 Plate

​NIJ Tested Level 3

Medium Black Backpack  155.00

Large Tan Backpack 160.00

(Made in the USA) A stand alone armor plate with multiple hit capability ,Fully encapsulated to protect against corrosion, chemicals and sweat.

Fully tested by independent Lab ( documentation sent by request) Rated for up to six hits from 7.62 Nato bullets (.308 Winchester) with velocities up to 2780 fps. For front and/or back protection of the armor plate. 

Medium Backpack

Large Backpack

8x10 Curved AR 500 Plate

​NIJ Tested Level 3

A CNC laser cutting table is used for the cutting of all our AR500 products. If the seller of armor plate does not mention how its cut, then you can guarantee its not by laser . Our Curved plate is bent on a laser cut custom die set with single radius bend which provides a perfect radius on each and every plate we produce, not bent multiple times on a press brake which provides uncontrollable results.

A stand alone armor plate with multiple hit capability

These models complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor.** NIJ tested Level III Armor will defeat 6 rifles round shots up to 7.62x51/.308 @ 2780 ft/s @ 15 METERS We only manufacture our plates from certified AR-500 steel with a Brinnell Hardness Rating of 505-518BHN

All our Steel Core body armor is proudly made in USA of USA produced steel

Small Backpack

Small Black Backpack 149.00

6x8 Curved AR 500 Plate

​NIJ Tested Level 3

Large Black Backpack 160.00

​​Bulletproof Backpacks

​"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."- Benjamin Franklin

​That quote has never been more true than today, guns and violent crime are everywhere and when you can't be there to protect your child this backpack will. 

​While there is no simple or easy fix to personal protection or crime having a bag that acts as a shield to protect against the unknown  is a great place to start. 

Small Tan Backpack 149.00