L3 body armor harness

Giving Everyone Wearing Body Armor An Advantage

Military and Police that have the chance to have body armor on can now have the piece of mind knowing that if an emergency situation arises their L3 system is integrated into their body armor and can be deployed for use in a split second. This product ensures everyone on your team now has superior life saving capabilities.


L3 for k9 operations

Hands Free K9/Prisoner Control

Either L3 system can be used for K9 operations. The L3 gives you the freedom of hands free control of your K9 and the ability to use your weapon accurately with both hands increasing your tactical advantage. Losing accuracy firing with one hand or releasing your K9 should never be your only option.  Detainment of prisoners is also made a hands free option now allowing you to return fire and detain simultaneously.  

L3 sling

The Versatility Of Use With Or Without Body Armor

Many Law Enforcement professionals may not have the time to dawn body armor before a situation escalates into an emergency. Or maybe you were lucky enough to grab your body armor, either way the reversible L3 Sling is ready to work in either situation.



L3 sling

This system is able to be worn under or over top of your body armor. This system erases the need for a litter/backboard to remove unconscious casualties. By having a built in body harness and two extraction straps per unit each user is able be extracted or extract a casualty hands free in seconds.  This increases speed, security and combat effectiveness making a casualty extraction team a formidable force.


This system is designed to be easily put on in seconds over top of clothing or worn tactical gear. The sling is perfect for police officers, first responders or military conducting low profile operations dressed as civilians.  The Sling ensures critical life saving options are available to anyone at anytime.

L3 Harness

Only limited supplies of older generation ISC V2 are for sale here. 

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One highlight of the L3 systems are that they are designed to use bone structure and major muscle groups versus traditional methods of casualty removal.  This allows for users of all sizes to be able to remove casualties faster easier and with less energy expended.  The faster casualties can be transported to higher level care the better the chance for survival they have.     

We provide the highest military grade equipment that will stand up to serious abuse in all environments


We at L3 take your commitment to this country as the highest form of respect and honor the sacrifice you make on our behalf. So we ensure that we provide products that can increase the chances of keeping Americas hero's alive. When you or a team mate is injured and needs immediate extraction the L3 is the answer and provides the tactical advantage you need to rapidly move to safety.   

One major advantage for users that employ the Lirces 3 systems are that they have increased speed in getting wounded out of the line of fire in seconds and have the ability to use both hands to return fire if need be.  First responders can now remove wounded and not leave behind critical tools they may need in other operations.   

- Tactically proven

- premium materials

- expert manufacturing

- force multiplier

- expert design

- rapid use

- seamless integration
- employs major muscle groups

- structurally sound/rugged

- multi use product 

- No litter/backboard No problem