ISC Options and Sizes

(15 Total Sizes coming soon!) (26mm- 70mm) lens diameter protection

Current Sizes offered

​29.7mm  33.3mm  40mm  44mm 50.7mm 56mm 59mm

Upgrades Extra Parts

We will soon offer honey comb inserts for the top that pop in and out and specialty lenses that are also fitted to the ISC.

40mm ISC-Internal Scope Cap

military, Police and first responders

Light infantry research combat execution solutions

29.7 mm ISC-Internal Scope Cap

​Torture Test Video

Internal Scope Cap Version 1

  • The ISC is the absolute best protection and upgrade you can put on your scope, optics or NVG's.

  • The ISC uses an adjustable IRIS that works as a shield with an aperture you can adjust. 

This is critical in reducing the amount of glint and glare that reflects off your scope which allows you to better hide your shooting position and provides more protection to your scope lens in all shooting situations.  

The ISC is made of aluminum and a high quality composite rubber that ensures the ISC will stand up to abuse and will not warp in the sun like cheap plastic molded traditional flip up scope caps.  


The Internal Scope Cap is currently Patent Pending and logo is copyright protected and a design Patent has been filed. 

56 mm ISC-Internal Scope Cap

44 mm ISC-Internal Scope Cap


New Parts Coming Soon

Honeycomb and Lens Prototype

59mm ISC-Internal Scope Cap

50.7 mm ISC-Internal Scope Cap

33.3 mm ISC-Internal Scope Cap