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46mm ISC V2

41mm ISC V2

33.3mm ISC V2

61mm ISC V2

51mm ISC V2

31mm ISC V2


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44mm ISC V2

59mm ISC V2


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54mm ISC V2

40mm ISC V2

26mm ISC  V2

56mm ISC V2

68mm ISC V2

30mm ISC V2

Internal Scope Cap Version 2

The ISC V2 is hands down the most advanced scope cap on the market that combines protection with enhanced tactical operations to create the best scope cap you can buy.  

The ISC has 3 major upgrades that sets it apart from traditional flip up scope caps. 

1.  Removeable honey comb filter - This allows for glint and glare to be controlled from the reflection off your scope lens. 

2.  Adjustable IRIS - This is an adjustable shield that has an aperture that you can adjust to control the amount of light that reflects off of your scope lens. 

3.  Removeable protective lens - This lens can be replaced or switched out in a variety of colors and protection levels to support eye relief and target acquisition. 

The ISC is made of an aluminum housing and a high quality composite rubber ring  that ensures protection against abuse and warping in the sun like plastic molded flip up scope caps.  


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