Only the manufacturer of this equipment is able to make repairs to these products.

Regular inspections should be made by the users for damage, defects or deterioration.

Any damage to the equipment that is noticed should be replaced to ensure product integrity.

Missing or damaged parts should only be replaced by Lirces 3.  Our parts are specifically chosen to uphold strict weight tolerances. 

Video and Picture Instructions Coming Soon

Product lead times

We can fulfill any sized order large or small.  However we are set up to accommodate larger orders for Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder Organizations.  We currently have a 8-10 week wait time on all orders, with this wait time you can ensure that you will get a perfectly constructed hand made product from Lirces 3.  Our products are hand made to the highest standard here in the USA.  Lirces 3 will never offer a cheaply made product constructed overseas, we take the lives of our customers very seriously and cut no corners in production or manufacturing.

Bulk Orders

With larger orders over 25 units we can offer a discount please contact us for more information concerning this.  Our goal at Lirces 3 is to save lives contact us to talk about discounts to ensure your organization is outfitted properly.     

Lirces 3 Sling System

Includes one Short and one Long Rapid Extraction Strap


 Lirces 3 In Use

This video shows  just a few of the capabilities of the Lirces 3 System.



Lirces 3 Rapid Extraction Straps

Includes one Short and one Long set of Straps


Lirces 3 Medevac Extraction Connection


Lirces 3 Harness System

Includes one Short and one Long Rapid Extraction Strap


military, Police and first responders

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