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Using the Rapid Extraction Straps

1. Ensure that straps are not twisted and that all buckles are securely connected.

2.  These straps are then connected into any one of the four harnesses connection points via the heavy duty metal fast attach buckle connections.

3. These straps can be prematurely hooked into the harness of your choice before missions or stored in your gear where they can be rapidly put into use. 

4. The overall length of each strap can be extended or retracted to fit the needs of your mission. 

Wearing the Sling

1. Ensure a proper inspection is done for damage, defects or deterioration.

2. Grab harness by the rubber X  and hold it up to ensure the nylon webbing is not twisted.

3. Place the rubber X on your back and fit your arms through the sides of the Harness.  Adjust the vertical rubber chest strap holders so the chest strap is even and centered on the users chest.

4. Buckle the upper and lower chest straps and firmly secure the harness to your body.

Wearing the Harness

1. Ensure a proper inspection is done for damage, defects or deteriorations.

2. Grab harness by the rubber X  and hold it up to ensure the nylon webbing is not twisted.

3. Place the rubber X on your back and fit your arms through the sides of the Harness.  Adjust the vertical rubber chest strap holders so the chest strap is even and centered on the users chest.

4. Buckle and adjust the waist belt for a snug fit.

5. Make length adjustments to ensure the butt support strap is well placed and firmly in place.

6. Connect the leg support strap buckles and firmly tighten down around the upper leg in the crotch area. (Leg straps can be worn at all times or adjusted to fit the leg and unbuckled folded and placed in pockets for later use).

7. Ensure the tourniquet tightening lines are securely sewn in place and the locking d ring is attached to the leg strap or stored in the first aid pouch.

8. Ensure a proper and snug fit for the Lirces 3 system to provide maximum support when needed most.


Why We Stand Above the Rest

The Lirces 3 allows users to rapidly remove injured personnel hands free and still have the ability to fire your weapon to engage the enemy or to lay down cover fire to pin down the enemy giving your casualty removal team the chance to make it safely to cover.  Before our product it took anyone removing a casualty from the battlefield completely out of the fight and simultaneously creating a much larger slower moving target.

Now because of the Lirces 3 one to four people can safely remove a casualty and still remain in the fight having both hands free to accurately engage targets.  with the Lirces 3 Harness system you are in essence wearing your backboard or litter for your own extraction, this drastically reduces heavy bulky items like backboards and litters that teams now have to carry on missions.

Rappelling, K9 control, Prisoner control, Heavy weapons and Heavy equipment can now be moved in teams hands free using major muscle groups and bone structure to lessen the chance of injury and increase tactical security by allowing everyone to use both hands to accurately fire their weapons.

Medevac Extraction Connection

1. The medevac connection has two shorter straps on one side. The two shorter straps are to be placed on the casualty's shoulder connection points.

2.  The Medevac Extraction Connection is designed to keep the casualty's upper body above the feet while being extracted via medevac extraction line.

Lirces 3 Harness System

This system was specifically designed for military operations and is to be worn under your body armor. This system erases the need for a litter/backboard to remove casualties. By having a built in body harness and two extraction straps per unit each user is able be extracted or extract a casualty hands free in seconds.  This increases speed; security and combat effectiveness making a casualty extraction team a formidable force. 

Military and Police that have the chance to have body armor on can now have the peace of mind knowing that if an emergency situation arises their L3 system is integrated into their body armor and can be deployed for use in a split second. This product ensures everyone on your team now has superior lifesaving capabilities.

The Lirces 3 Harness seamlessly fits with worn military gear and is designed with quick attach and detachable rapid extraction straps.  Each Lirces 3 Harness has two rapid extraction straps and an optional Medevac extraction connection which takes less than ten seconds to attach to a casualty for rapid extraction via a Blackhawk extraction lowered line.

Some additional features of the Lirces 3 Harness are lower back support, rappelling, worn tourniquet leg support, and fast attach straps that can be used to transport heavy equipment hands free.  This singular product is a multi-use critical piece of equipment that provides the war fighter with new options and capabilities to enhance mission success. 

This product has the ability to save units money by ensuring critical tools and weapons that would otherwise have to be left due to weight or the in ability to carry after IED attacks can now be salvaged by teams on the ground and used to continue the fight.  Any soldier operating in any tactical capacity that uses the Lirces 3 will be more effective and better suited to accomplish their mission.   

Lirces 3 Sling

The Lirces 3 Sling is a version of the harness that is designed to be quickly thrown over top of body armor or worn duty gear.  This version gives the user an additional option for saving critically injured if they did not put the harness on under their gear or if the user needs lifesaving capabilities while wearing civilian clothing and wishing to remain low profile. 

This Version does not have built in tourniquet leg straps or lower back support but still allows for major muscle groups to be used and the user to extract casualties, control K9 or prisoners and move heavy equipment in a team hands free in order to properly use their weapon. 

This version comes with a short and a long rapid extraction strap. 

This product was specifically designed for Law Enforcement and First Responders that wear lightweight or plate less body armor.  This product is able to fit perfect in patrol vehicles or ambulances while taking up minimal space.  By using this product you can actually save your department money as now you will not have to make the choice of leaving expensive critical equipment behind in order to transport a casualty. 

This system is fully reversible and is able to support more weight than the soldier can humanly carry. It quickly attaches to back boards, Litters, body armor drag handles, and belts. It allows users to transport casualties using major muscle groups and not just one arm making the entire process of extraction easier for all involved. It can be easily put on over an Officers duty uniform in seconds.

Police officers often work in cities filled with innocent bystanders and have to employ extreme caution and accuracy while discharging their assigned duty weapon.  By having this critical piece of equipment they can now use both hands properly on their weapon to ensure the surrounding public’s safety if the need arises for the officer to discharge his or her weapon. 

As important of a lifesaving tool this is for police officers it also doubles as increasing public safety which is a major concern.  Bottom line is this tool can save departments money, save lives, ensure public safety and be a critical public relations news point for senior police leaders to reinforce the police force’s commitment to top level training and public safety. 

Lirces 3 Rapid Extraction Strap

The Rapid Extraction Straps are a multi-use tool that is a critical part of upgrading the casualty removal process. There are two straps that come in this package a short strap and a long strap.  The short strap can be employed as a weapons sling that attaches to the butt stock of an M4 rifle; this was designed this way so that users wearing the harness or sling system have critical lifesaving tools readily available to immediately be repurposed as the casualty extraction strap.

The Rapid Extraction Straps are able to quickly connected to the Lirces 3 Harness and Sling systems by used of the quick attach flat metal interlocking buckle (Shown in pictures). This allows a low profile connection point that is capable of being connected and disconnected in less than a second, this is critical for users that may need to quickly disconnect from a casualty under fire. 

Theses Rapid Extraction straps are designed to quickly attach to drag handles or belts by the d ring, or to wrists, ankles, backboard handles, litter handles, skid openings, heavy weapons, heavy equipment, K9, prisoners, and weapons systems to be used as a sling when attached to the Harness or Sling’s shoulder connection points.  

Both the Lirces 3 Harness and Sling systems come with one short and one long Rapid Extraction Strap.  We also sell a package with an extra short and long Rapid Extraction Strap.

Lirces 3 Medevac Extraction Connection

The Medevac Attachment is designed to be connected to the Harness’s two shoulder connection points and two hip connection points.  The Medevac Harness can be put on the casualty in seconds and has a large circular metal connection point designed to be connected to a medevac extraction line hook.  The casualty can put the Medevac Connection on him or herself in dire situations where they may be the only person left or if there is many casualties and not enough people to help with extraction. 

The Medevac Attachment erases the need for the medevac chopper to lower a basket for a casualty to be strapped into and greatly reduces the time everyone spends on the extraction zone.  This increases the safety of the medevac crew and reduces potential losses of more soldiers and expensive equipment.

The Medevac Attachment weighs approximately 1.5lbs and is constructed of 2 inch nylon webbing; it has four D rings and one circular metal extraction line connection sewn in place.