Here is a fellow Tomahawk brother of mine that is using his time and energy to make a positive difference for veterans and their families.  If you donate to charities or organizations that help soldiers please consider this one.  The work required to be there for Veterans in need is tough and a round the clock job if you can support this site please do.  

A Hero's Promise

    A Hero's Promise is a veteran service organization that first and foremost remembers the fallen men and women of this nation and their families. We support veterans and their families during their times of need. We come alongside the family to lift them back up onto their feet and provide refuge. We provide support emotionally and physically, temporary housing assistance through networking and a sympathetic ear when necessary. We are a conduit to other institutional veteran organizations that can better meet the needs of our veterans and their families. We work to prevent veteran suicides by listening, talking, and intervention when necessary. We support families of veterans who commit suicide with funeral help however we can and other honors normally afforded to veterans. We accomplish this by networking with other veterans, veterans groups and veteran organizations to provide immediate support to veterans and their families; regardless of their status. Gold Star Families- who are ones who have passed on during service.  We do fundraisers, provide volunteer labor and connect veterans in with larger organizations to fit the needs of the veteran. We assist them to get back onto their feet by providing a hand UP not a  hand OUT. 

    Our promise, to let no veteran or their families go through their struggles alone. We promise to be a safe place for veterans and their families. We promise to be there when veterans and their families call so that they will not be alone. We promise not to allow veterans to go through depression, guilt, stress, loneliness or anger alone. We promise to be there for their country.

    We created a traveling memorial in September 2017, we have taken the memorial to many events and memorials. We unveiled our second soldier cross memorial at our 3rd annual Remember Our Fallen Memorial on May 26th 2018 at the cemetery in Roy Washington.  We are here for the fallen and their families, here to serve. We created the memorial by hand with love, passion, compassion and service for all our fallen brothers and sisters who have laid down their life for this nation and each and every one of us whether in combat or here at home. Feel free to contact us at or call 253-312-9831
Thank You and God bless


The ISC-Internal Scope Cap has a high grade aluminum housing for its twist to open mechanical Iris. The rubber caps that slide onto the optic are able to be screwed on and off allowing for direct thread options as well.  The ISC V1 and ISC V2 are both highly customizable to meet any mission need.  Patent Pending, Design Patent and Utility Patent filed.    


L3 harness



The Lirces 3 Harness allows individuals of members of a small team the ability to transport casualties or equipment Hands Free.   The team or individual can now properly return fire in all directions while moving a casualty faster and easier than any other way.  Patent Pending and Copyrighted. 

The ISC V2 is the most advanced scope cap/lens protection device on the market.  A replaceable honey comb a twist to open Iris and Replaceable lens makes the ISC V2 new and cutting edge and unlike anything else on the market.  The combination of these parts give the ISC V2 the ability to provide 100% protection to your optic at all times.  



Light infantry research combat execution solutions


This is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business 


A high quality hoodie that is built around the US Army's Advanced Combat Uniform with upgraded features to improve upon design and funtion.  The perfect hoodie for at the range or at home.  A special side zipper and retention strap allow for the hoodie to be positioned around a open carry hoster.  

My name is Seth Lowell I was an E-6 in the US ARMY

I was an Airborne Ranger that  served  at 2nd 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd BDE 2nd ID 1/23 Stryker Brigade Combat Team and 1/158 Infantry

I was a Recon Team Leader, Senior Scout, Designated Marksman  During OIF 1 and 2 in the Recon Sniper Section at 1/23 Stryker Brigade Combat Team.  Then During OEF 7 and 8 I was an Infantry Squad Leader, Sniper and Afghani Special Police Force mission leader with 1/158 INF. I also have my Fire Fighter 1 and 2 Certification and EMT-B.  After finishing my Bachelors degree in Business Management I began to develop new products to better serve and save the lives of the war fighter that protects us today. 

So I  develop products that solve problems I faced and saw others facing.  My goal is to help save our troops lives and make them more efficient  with better gear that is designed by one of them for them.  The job an Infantryman has is incredibly tough and they need to have the best gear possible that makes the job the do the easiest it can be.  

The Light Weight Interlocking Rapid Casualty Evacuation System was on of the first projects I decided to develop since it had the most potential for saving the lives of our troops.  It is a harness that allows troops to be able to transport casualties or heavy equipment by themselves or in small teams without having to use their hands to hold or carry the item.  The harness has Rapid Extraction Straps that attach to the harness and then attach to the item or casualty then the harness redistributes the weight across the body and the Rapid Extraction Strap holds the item leaving the user both hands free to properly defend themselves with their weapon which is something they currently can not do while carrying a casualty with any acceptable accuracy.  The system allows for faster transportation of casualties and items with or without a litter.  

I have also developed and patented an antiseptic liquid body wash formula called Bodybuilders Bodywash.  It is a head to toe antiseptic wash for military and athletes to fight germs encountered in the worst of places.  Tea Tree Oil is a primary ingredient that is an effective anti Fungal, anti viral, antiseptic oil that is capable of speeding healing times and rapidly disinfecting cuts and topical skin problems.  I have sold this product around the world since 2010 with good success.  I rely on customers feedback and word of mouth advertising and the success of my business is directly related to the effectiveness of my product, if you have not tried it you really are missing out.  

The latest project that I have launched after years of developing was the ISC-Internal Scope Cap which is a high grade aluminum Iris that twist to open much like how a camera shutter would work but it is attach to a high grade scope cap that ranges from 30mm to 60mm diameters currently.  This feature completely erases the need for flip up scope caps as they are ineffective and regularly break and have to be cut or altered by hand using cheap parts to work correctly which only jeopardizes the sniper and the damage to his expensive issued items.  The ISC erases the outline of the flip up cap since the Iris only needs to be twisted to open and close to allow access to the scope lens.  Currently snipers are cutting holes in scope caps to break up glint and glare to avoid being spotted which is a temporarily effective and cheap way to protect an expensive sniper weapon system that your life depends on.  The ISC can be adjusted to meet any high or low light environment and then simply twisted back shut when the user has no further need to look through the scope.  This is vastly superior to a hole cut in a scope cap and is a sharper better looking item that will save you money in the long run by reducing repairs to optical lenses from the use of cheap flip up scope caps altered by hand at the user level.  I began developing the ISC in early 2002 while attached to the Recon Sniper Section as a member of Team 2 where I was a designated marksman, RTO, Team Leader and Senior Scout.  I learned how important optics and scopes were in being a recon soldier and always thought why they would have a 1-6,000.00 item like a scope or night vision goggle and then protect the most important and expensive part with a cheap 3.00 piece of plastic or rubber that had to be altered by hand to meet standards for camouflage.   After years of development and building them by hand to get them just right I was able to find a manufacturer create my product to my standards and I couldn't be happier with how the ISC turned out.  A new film is being developed that can be stuck or screwed on to the front of the ISC that will allow for colored lenses and honeycomb filters to also be attached for those that want 100% enclosure for their optical lens at all times.  

Training Manual 101 is a T shirt line of mine where I take my favorite marital arts for military step by step instruction and put it on a t shirts.  Each month a new t shirt design will come out.  I keep Large and XL in stock if you want smaller sizes you'll have to order at least 10 and I will have the design made for you at that size.  These are 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester Sweat Wicking T Shirts.  

Tactical Hoodies are a design of mine were I took all the features from the ACU advanced combat uniform the top and put it on a hoodie.  This is a 60% cotton 40% polyester blend that has pockets everywhere you need them and a unique zipper system for those that carry outside on the hip.  

I create business relationships with others and cross promote items that I like and use.  

Thank you for your time and your orders.  I will do my best to get you great products you will enjoy.  


​Tactical Hoodie

military, Police and first responders